Best Smart DNS for Spotify

Originating from Sweden, Spotify is a music streaming service that covers the needs of subscribers to listen to high quality music. There is digital rights management in the service, so as to prevent copyright restrictions and such. However, Spotify is not available everywhere in the world.

On the contrary, mostly in the Americas, Europe (Western) and Australia with New Zealand people can enjoy Spotify. In addition, there are limitations applied by several firewalls as to the use of Spotify. This results in not having the same freedom globally, when it comes to unblocking Spotify. There is the frequent phenomenon of being able to unblock Spotify in a specific country and then traveling somewhere else and not being able to listen to your favorite music.

Luckily enough, though, there is a solution regarding the unblocking of Spotify outside US, UK and everywhere in the world. To be more specific, there are multiple solutions for you to have your pick from. There is the VPN, SmartDNS and proxy solution to consider. In this article, we will only check out SmartDNS and we will display the 5 best SmartDNS service providers for unblocking Spotify worldwide.


Top Smart DNS Services to Unblock Spotify

Unlocator: Unlocator is a SmartDNS service provider located in Denmark. There are servers covering a wide network of locations like the United States and United Kingdom, enabling people to unblock Spotify outside US and everywhere else.

You can enjoy the unblocking on every device, including phones and tablets, as well as media players. This means that you can even listen to music on the go and it is really great. Unlocator is a reliable provider, offering affordable pricing and qualitative help and support. It is easy to setup and start using, even if you are not knowledgeable in computing.
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Smart DNS Proxy: Smart DNS Proxy is a part of Global Stealth, Inc. and is based in Seychelles. It is clearly stated at their services that they support Spotify and the quality is great. So, listening to music can become a truly pleasant and convenient recreational process, thanks to the ease of use from Smart DNS Proxy.

You get a 15-day free trial and a 30-day full money refund guarantee, as well as inexpensive price rates for all their subscriptions. With full compatibility and with a wide selection of setup guides, with premium help and support and with no loss of speed throughout your connection, this is a company that lives up to the challenge of unblocking Spotify.
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OverPlay: OverPlay is a US based company that has got servers in 48 countries all over the world. Since Spotify is our main concern here, we have to point out the fact that there are 7 servers located in the United States, offering you the opportunity to unblock Spotify in its US version outside the country and everywhere in the world.

It works on multiple devices, including your PC and laptop, your mobile phone, your tablet, game console and even Smart TV. So, you can enjoy great music without any barrier. The cost is average and there is wonderful help and support. Ease of use is certainly appreciated in OverPlay, while you can choose to combine SmartDNS and VPN.
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Strong DNS: Strong DNS is another US located SmartDNS company, which also provides VPN solutions to its clientele. There is a plethora of unblocked channels for you to enjoy, among which you can listen to Spotify. The performance is top notch and there is no problem with lagging and speed loss.

As for compatibility, all devices are supported and there is the respective documentation on their website to back that up. In help and support, you can benefit from live chat and this is definitely a plus. The cost is fine and you can combine SmartDNS and VPN, if you want to. Spotify is easily unblocked outside US, which allows you to enjoy listening to great stuff everywhere.
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UnoTelly: UnoTelly is a company located in Canada, offering an impressive network of servers that unblocks over 300 channels. Spotify is one of these channels, with the US servers unblocking its content everywhere in the world. Apart from that, you get 14 days full money refund guarantee and a stellar help and support department, with live chat.

The cost is average, but the quality offered justifies every single dollar. You may ask for a free trial, which stretches up to 8 days. It is fully compatible with all devices and Operating Systems, leaving you totally free to enjoy Spotify even when you are not at home or at work.

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Why Use SmartDNS and Not VPN?

Having finished with our list of the 5 best SmartDNS service providers for unblocking Spotify outside US, UK and everywhere in the world, it is time to go ahead with the benefits of SmartDNS. Why choose SmartDNS and not VPN, for example? Well, first of all, SmartDNS does not include any encryption whatsoever.

This in turn leads to the lack of speed loss. In case you are interested in streaming films or listening to music, this is of paramount importance. So, in the case of Spotify unblocking, SmartDNS provides exceptional speed and performance. Apart from that, SmartDNS is easy to use and there is no software installation required. It is compatible with all devices and OS, which is also convenient and practical. Additionally, SmartDNS is quite inexpensive and of course it is not as high in cost as the VPN.

Check out the 5 best SmartDNS service providers for unblocking Spotify outside US and globally. One of these service providers will definitely meet your criteria and live up to your expectations. Follow the instructions, as soon as you subscribe. After having completed the simple and easy setup process, you will be able to unblock Spotify and listen to your preferred type of music, no matter where you are in the world!